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Headphone: (02)2732-1104 or 6639-6688

Fax: (02)2736-0421

Personnel Office Mailbox: personnel@tea.ntue.edu.tw


人員職掌 工作事項

Director  Lin Jianxin

Extension: 82088
Hotline: (02) 2735-2380
E-Mail: siki@mail.ntue.edu.tw
DutyAgent:Zhou Yijun Yen Sujuan

To consolidate the personnel business of the school.

Clerk  Yi-Jun Chou

Extension: 82289

E-Mail: a82289@mail.ntue.edu.tw

DutyAgent: Su-Juan Yim Ru-Fang Hsu

 1. Selection and reappointment of the principal and the principal of the elementary school

2. Promotion of full-time and part-time teachers

3. Suspension, dismissal, and non-renewal of teachers

4. Academic ethics and behavior of teachers

5. Handling of teacher reward and punishment

6. Gender equality cases  7. Comprehensive business of the department.

8. Other temporary assignments.

9. Senior Excellent Teacher cases.(Lin Yong-ying on leave of absence)


Executive Officer Yan Sujuan

Extension: 82089
E-Mail: ysch@mail.ntue.edu.tw
Duty Agent:Zhou Yijun  Xu Ru fang

1. Organizational procedures of the University.

2. Appointment and dismissal of academic administrators.

3. Teacher staffing, allocation, management, and monthly staffing reports.

4. Business of the Council for Academic Accreditation.

5. Appointment of full-time and part-time teachers (including the total management of the school's personnel information system).

6. Full-time teacher salary administration.

7. Teacher retention and suspension.

8. Teacher qualification review and secondment cases.

9. Full-time teachers' seniority (merit) increase (salary) cases.

10. Other temporary matters.

11. Teacher vacations, research, study, and lectures. (During Lin Yongying's suspension)

Executive Officer Xu Rufang

Extension: 82090
E-Mail: shafang@mail.ntue.edu.tw
Duty Agent: Zhou Yijun  Yen Sujuan

1. Staff establishment, allocation and management.

2. Appointment, promotion, and payroll of staff.

3. Employment, payroll, and separation of contracted staff.

4. Physically and mentally challenged staff and indigenous people reporting related business.

5. Evaluation, reward, and punishment of administrative staff (including staff, teaching assistants, and contracted staff).

6. Appointment of school counselors.

7. Administrative staff retention without pay.

8. Personnel performance evaluation.

9. Other temporary assignments.

10. Faculty and staff treatment system business. (During the period of suspension of Yung-Ying Lin)
11. Political affairs (including property declaration). (During the suspension of Yung-Ying Lin)

Duty Agent Ms. Tsang Ying-Xuan

(Acting for team member Ms. Lam Yung-Ying on leave of absence without pay)

Extension: 82087 (during Lin Yung-ying's leave of absence)
E-Mail: oxcvn3315673@mail.ntue.edu.tw
Duty Agent:Cheng Wai Lun,  Kao Chin Ya

1. Staff training, research, and education.

2. Teacher training.

3. Management of overseas travel and differential attendance (including overtime pay) for all types of personnel.

4. Vacation and non-vacation payroll management for all types of employees.

5. Write-off of salary for physically and mentally challenged program staff.

6. Audit of the inventory of staff's treatment (including teachers' hourly fee).

7. Other temporary matters.

Assistant: Cheng Wai Lun

Extension: 82287 (during Lin Yongying's stay)
E-Mail: claire0207@mail.ntue.edu.tw
DutyAgent:Mr. Xu Ru-Fang  Zeng Ying-Xuan

1. Employee assistance programs.

2. Labor-management meetings.

3. Other temporary matters.

4. Retirement of faculty and staff (including service awards), severance pay, widow and orphans, and extension of service. (During the period of Lin Yung-ying's stay in the university)
5. Retiree care, financial aid, and presidential condolence payment cases. (During the suspension period of Lin Yung-ying)

Administrative Team Member:Meng-Ling Wu

Extension: 82189
E-Mail: mlwu@tea.ntue.edu.tw
Duty Agent: Chia-Ya Kao  Wei-Lun Cheng

1. Full-time and part-time staff of the Ministry of Education, National Science and Technology Council, and other agency programs,

Appointment of temporary staff/student workers, payroll audit and approval, and separation from service.

2. Reporting of new staff, issuance of faculty and staff service cards and badges.

3. Selection of outstanding teaching staff and recommendation of various types of staff (merit).

4. Property management and accounting.

5. Management of work-study students in the office.

6. Other temporary assignments.

7. Education and training for new administrators and staff assignments. (During Lin Yongying's stay)

Administrative Team Member Chia-Ya Ko

Extension: 82290
E-Mail: winnie@mail.ntue.edu.tw
DutyAgent:Meng-Ling Wu Wei-Lun Cheng

1. Faculty and staff public insurance, health insurance (including second generation health insurance) plus withdrawal cases.

2. Faculty and staff cultural and recreational welfare (including spring festival reunions, birthday parties, and birthday gifts) activities and social organization cases.

3. Employee salary tax exemption income declaration.

4. Sexual equality checking business.

5. Audit and management of part-time jobs and part-time classes for all types of school personnel.

6. Other temporary assignments.

7. Writing off retirement souvenirs for first-time retirees. (During the period of stay of Lin Yong-ying)

Project Clerk Tse,Ya-Ting

Extension: 82291 (Priority) / 82157
E-Mail: orqomn@mail.ntue.edu.tw
(Please contact us by E-Mail)
Duty Agent: Guo Jia Hong  Meng-Ling Wu

1. Receive, send and deliver official documents to and from the office, and collect mail from the mailroom.

2. Preparation of staff directory, roster, monthly staff statistics, and personnel services newsletter.

3. Registration and cancellation of physical examination subsidy cases.

4. Opening of various certificates and printing of appointment letters, WebHR staff arrival and departure dynamic registration and management.

5.Review of national travel card subsidy and assistance in administrative affairs.

6. Handling official documents for recruitment of other schools.

7. Other temporary matters.

8. Registration of education and training hours. (During Lin Yongying's stay)

Specialist  Guo Jia Hong, 

Extension: 82291
E-Mail: Henry94Guo@mail.ntue.edu.tw

1. Part-time teachers participate in labour insurance and pension application services.

2. Promote the business of reading special books.

3. Maintenance and management of the department's website.

4. Children's education subsidies for elementary schools and kindergartens, as well as the school's contracted childcare centres.

The business related to the organisation.

5. Overseas planning for our school.

6. Assisting teachers in their appointment and promotion, as well as the administrative affairs of the EAC.

7. Other temporary assignments.

8. Various types of insurance and living allowances (excluding children's education subsidies). (During Lin Yung-ying's stay)


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